Simon West



Bourne, Bond, Reacher, that bloke from Spooks: The Greater Good… you have a new rival. Dominic Cooper’s Stratton is the hard-bitten special forces type created by ex-hard-bitten special forces type-turned-less-hard-bitten novelist Duncan Falconer. He’s the star of this new trailer, a first look proper at the latest action film off the production line. 


With Simon 'Con Air' West behind the camera, Stratton sees Cooper's titular hardman team up with a US Navy SEAL (Austin Stowell) to battle an international terrorist. Plot-wise, there’s talk of revenge and an attack on London that only Stratton and his team – with some help from Gemma Chan’s tech specialist – can foil. 

The movie, which originally had Henry Cavill in the title role, shot in Italy and London. Co-starring with the lead are Tom FeltonThomas KretschmannDerek JacobiTyler HoechlinConnie Nielsen and Jake Fairbrother.