See You Tomorrow

Wong Kar Wai



CHINA Warner Bross

Starting to work on See You Tomorrow is a bit like turning to the first page of a fairytale, a legend, or even a fantasy novel.

Destinies intertwined, with our hero Chen Mo alone and questioning his life through the lives of others while he goes about saving, giving himself to others, learning, transmitting but also receiving - See You Tomorrow accomplishes the delicate feat of being able to look inside this intimate part of ourselves through the relationships forged in these encounters.
The music in this film is a parallel story to the intimate narrative - it stays in the present, but it tells a different emotional story to what's being shown literally on screen. It's the things we leave unsaid, the declarations of love we're too shy to proclaim out loud and our feelings and attitudes that we carry from our past. It also works as an emotional time machine, accompanying us as we live and learn.

Composing in the filmic universe of Wong Kar Wai, with its fireworks of colour, the incredible performances of the cast and the attention to detail of every single shot - the score can't just be a simple illustration on top of the images, it needs to have it's own life and walk on its own two feet. In this way the ensemble all comes together to form a particular kind of cinema magic of passion and the senses.​


Nathaniel Méchaly






  • Nominated for Best Original score at 36th Hong Kong Film Award 2017