Jour Polaire/Midnight Sun

Mårlind & Stein



We wanted to create a score that was very electronic and a stark contrast to the epic landscape of northern Sweden. We also wanted elements of Sami and Berber music to be part of the soundscape. But once we started to edit, it quickly became clear that we needed to bring in more warmth and organic instruments. It just mixed better with the images and scenes that we had shot. With the french composer Nathaniel Méchaly on board he created a musical world so rich and varied that we were totally blown away. He scripted the music as one would do for a feature film, since the show is shot with the same approach. We ended up with a interesting blend between acoustic and electronic instruments. In the end the score is a beautiful partner that dances with the images without missing a step.

Måns Mërling and Bjön Stein

  • Best Series - Serie Mania 2016
  • Best Serie - Rome TV Film Festival 2016